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About Uprise E-Sports

Our vision for Uprise gaming is to expand and develop into a top gaming team. We are looking to expand into other platforms and regions with the goal of increasing our popularity. There will be many challenges in our pursuit of these lofty goals, but with our incredible staff and ever-expanding player base, we feel we are well equipped to handle and overcome any and all obstacles. Uprise was founded by Yak and Ambition who both previously founded their own teams but left in pursuit of something greater. So they founded their own team, drawing inspiration from the Founding Fathers. This time, they would act as enforcers of the will of the people, their goal was to create what the community desired. It was in this democratic setting, that Uprise Gaming was born. Uprise was always meant to be special. But we want to be unique. Our goal is not to be the next FaZe but to be better. We want to shake up the gaming world. We are a team that will not become complacent nor content, constantly looking to improve. We will be keeping this promise by engaging with our community and listening to their feedback.

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