The AGenCY

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About The AGenCY

New clan. We are fun and we love to improve other gamers who wish to be successful in their career as a gamer. Hopefully we could get more players to join in on our adventure together in improving the gaming society.

Requirements .

  • addition of agent in username for identification of clan members of The AGenCY
  • Plays fortnite and any other esports game.
  • Has a mic, for easy communication.(this would help a lot in improving relationship between clan members)
  • has to be on at least one social media app with their clan username.(agent.....)

has to be active for at least 2days a week on fortnite or any other esports game.


  • No toxicity
  • No cursing
  • Make every person feel like family
  • All agents should avoid actions that could cause banning from games because that will lead you out of The AGenCY 


We have no social accounts yet as a clan but we hope with your cooperation we can socialize better