Team Ξlectric

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About Team Ξlectric

:zap:Team Ξlectric:zap:
:trophy: ABOUT US :trophy:
We are a competitive and active gaming team hosted from California (NA West)
We compete and win tournaments

*Sponsored by Rougue Energy
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Started on July 2018
:trophy: REQUIREMENTS :trophy:
:heavy_check_mark: • Age:11+
:heavy_check_mark: • Able to speak English
:heavy_check_mark: • Expeirence in the game
:heavy_check_mark: • Willing to change FN name
:heavy_check_mark: • Must be active on our Discord
:heavy_check_mark: • Headset/Mic (For communication)
:heavy_check_mark: • Social Media  (For communication)
:heavy_check_mark: • Upload/Stream on Youtube OR Twitch
:heavy_check_mark: • Be respectful to everyone and all Team Electric's members
We mainly focus on PC and CONSOLE but other platforms can be accepted but will have to go through extra tryouts and tests etc

Currently looking for video editors, Content Creators and EU Players

:x: If you have any questions or need more information feel free to DM me! :x:
-Thanks, Nightify