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Looking for a clan and wanting to make new friends along the way? TEAM TIGER is the clan for you. We are a new clan looking for both casual and competitive members. We hope to become one of the best and, won’t tolerate toxicity, and look forward to going through this journey with you!

What we offer: - Subscribers.
                             -A Fortnight Community to play with
                             - If your in the Top 5 members in the Clan you'll get a competitive role.
                             - We have Division 6 - 7 members who could play with you.

Here's how to join:

You'll need to join our discord server and contact a member from management and then they'll get back to you and give you a try out. If you pass the try out the Founder will send you a link to a form that you will need to fill in.

You will need to change your username B4 you fill in the form. You will need to add TMTR_ in front of your Epic ID.  We will email you link how to do this and a link to the page that you need to change your name

- You will also need to subscribe to our channel : 

-If you wish to be anonymous you will need to email us and we will not share your username with other clan members.

Once you've completed the steps above we'll email you a list of our clan members.

-There is also a link to our discord on this page!

We will start to do cash cups once we reach 1.2k subscribers on YouTube. (were currently just under 300)

We DO NOT pay our members. 




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