Team Syft

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About Team Syft

                                          WE WANT YOU EVEN IF YOU DOUBT YOURSELF
We are a rebranded all region Team.  We want to grow our community and make a strong bond with everyone.  We treat everyone with respect we don't tolerate toxicity.  WHEN YOU JOIN GO TO REGION ROLES TO SELECT YOUR REGION!

You are allowed to self promo too!

We have GFX artists

We have VFX creators

We Have a comp team, trickshot team, and a casual team

*We also have an amazing role which is Comp Academy.  This role is for players who are decent at the game but want to reach certain goals in Fortnite like trying to be apart of our comp team.  To achieve that they practice by improving their game sense and mechanics*

Check out our clan montage

Join our discord for more info

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