Team Polar

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About Team Polar

Team Polar is now Recruiting!

Looking for a clan that was made for leading in the spotlight and has profession and dedication?

Team Polar is the one clan your looking for!

these are the different aspects of this team!

- Dedication

- Profession

- Striving for greatness

- Ambition

- Uniqueness

What are we looking for?


- Dedicated And Skilled Players

- GFX/VFX Artists

- Experienced Managers

- Non-Toxic Community

- Editors


- What games do we play?


Among Us

More will be added if we get players :D


we want players who know they can have a bright spotlight and know their worth, our plan is to dominate and strive to the top of the clan reigns. we need skilled and dominant players that can fit in our team and also ones who have astonishing talent! Team Polar is a great team that has a great future. we hope you be a part of us!


-See you there!

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