Team Magma

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About Team Magma


This Is Team Magma We Are A Good Clan That Accept Any Type Of Players We Accept Only People Of The Age 12 Or Over If You Are Younger That Will Be A Perm Ban. 


No 1. NO BEING TOXIC No 2. You Have To Be 12 Years Or Over No 3. Dont Spam No 4. When Joining You MUST Put Magma In Your Name No 5. Respect Magma He Is The Boss No 6. Do Not Promote Other Clans If You Will That Will be A Perm Ban No 7. 1 Warning = 10 Minutes Muted No 8. 2 Warnings = 1 Hour Muted No 9. 3 Warnings = Kick No 10 4 Warnings = Perm Ban

We also have COD Warzone and rainbow six siege 

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