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About Team Logic

Team Logic is Recruiting @everyone Yo sup. Yea u sitting on the chair and vibing. Are you an underrated goat? DM me. Well then u have found the right team, we are a New clan full of talent and professional players and staff . SPONSORED by Fatal grips and rogue energy. When being in the clan you get chances to win awards and get worthy badges and recognition! As well as being in an engaging community. Looking for dedicated honest and hard working staff and more COACHES. We will help in promoting your socials! What were looking for: Competitive player who are in champion division 8, top1,500 placement in recent tournaments and Earnings in Tournaments. Ages 14+ Clan Players these will be representing the clan in events such as clan wars. You must be in at least contenders league division 7+ Content creators these will need to have 500+ subs with at least 1 video a week/ you have to upload all types of videos like montages and tournament highlights. Coaches will need to know how top coach players through mid game and lategame VFX: - Must have prior experience. - Must have work to show. - Must use a software such as Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere Pro. GFX: - Must have prior experience. - Must have work to show. - Must have a software such as Photoshop. ▬▬▬ What we Offer▬▬▬ ✯ SPONSORSHIP ✯ Discord ✯ Training for Members ✯ Highly experienced Managers ✯ Active nice community ✯ Clan Wars ✯ 24/7 Support ✯ Recruitments ✯ Team montages ✯Instagram where all our followers can see your amazing skill



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