Team Intel

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About Team Intel

We are Team Intel We up Next

Founded by Intel Keon on 7/29/2020

A Competitive & Content team based in Eu/Na

We Respect each and one of our members.

NOBODY deserves to get disrespected


#IntelRc To get noticed 


Q. Can I Join Intel?  (Player, Staff and FX)

A. Read  (Make sure to meet requirements)

Q. Can we do a Partnership?

A. If you meet the requirements of 500+ members DM @Intel Brady

Q. How do I get the VIP Role?

A.  Get 150+ Invites or Boost the Server

Q. What do I get from Boosting Intel?

A. Special Server Booster role and VIP 

Q. What do I get from the VIP Role?

A. Ability to: change Nickname, post pictures in #lounge, add reactions, Enter Private Giveaways and Early access/previews to unreleased team videos