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About Team ANML

Welcome to THE JUNGLE | Team ANML. This is a new team started April 13, 2020. The goal is to have a place where people who want to join a team but don’t have the skills right now to do so. We will have different groups for different skill levels. If you have been looking for a non toxic place to chill and make friends you’ve come to the right place. About Team ANML ——————————- Always looking for new recruits of any skill level! Our teams will be divided into different groups depending on Game/Skill Main games-Fortnite, Rocket League, Call Of Duty including WZ Multi-Platform gaming NON TOXIC Community!! What’s offered ————————- A welcoming place to chill Practices Casual gameplay Tournaments Ranked Teams Will be doing monthly giveaways once we hit 35 members!! Looking for ——————— Team captains Team managers Team Promoters Team members

GFX/VFX Content creators Streamers Coaching services(when needed)




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