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About SurvClan

About Us:

We're a group of strong minded people who want to reach the top and be noticed in E-Sports. We strive to explore all areas of the gaming world, like competitive or content creation. We are looking for players above the age of 13 for competitive tournaments or above 12 for content creation, VFX and GFX Designing.


Content Creator- We expect you to have 25 subs and a upload schedule you have to upload a video once a week. If there are difficulties doing this please tell us and we can work it out.

Streamer- We expect you to have 25 follower/subscribers and a stream schedule you have to stream once a week. If there are difficulties doing this please tell us and we can work something out.

Competitive Player- We expect you to be in highest division in your respected region and have past placements.

VFX and GFX- We want you to edit and make thumbnail for the clan and our content creators if requested, we are currently not in the position to pay you but we assure you that in the near future if we start making a guaranteed income you will be the first to get paid but in the meanwhile we will shout you out and put one of your socials in our description.

Management- You will need to have past experience and prove to us that you are trust worthy, once you are deemed trust-worthy you will either be moderating a discord server or you will be a content creators manager.

Recruiter- Once you have joined you will be assigned recruiting people to the clan either in Discord or in the actual game. You will have to do a 1v1 first to 3 and then a 1v1 box fight first to 3 if you get beaten in one and he wins one game in the other he is official apart of SurvClan.

Coach- Be active on the server, help and coach our competitive player to victory. ( this is currently not paid )

Trickshotter- Be original, not creative trick shots, only in public matches and arena, do not fake shots.

To join Surv please join the discord and go into rc-application there you have to post your video on why you should join Surv with the hashtag #survclanrc.




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