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About Motionless

Motionless was founded in March of 2022. We accept players on PC, Playstation, and Xbox at this time. We're still a growing team, but we're looking to expand with talented players. We strive to make sure everybody feels included within the team, and we do not condone toxicity or hate in any way. 

At this time we're a brand new team. Our Discord server has only been open to recruits as of April 9th, 2022. We're in need of a competitive team leader who will manage almost the entirety of our competitive team with some input from our leader. Our leader Mørtis, will be primarily managing our teams content creators.

We're also in need of help managing the server to keep everything steady and in perfect shape to run Team Motionless successfully, so if you're interested in being a mod for our server feel free to message Mørtis on Discord for more information.

We know we're a miniscule team at this time, but we have the passion and dedication to grow into a strong community of players in the near future. We can't get to where we want to be without recruits, so we truly hope you give us a shot. Thank you!