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About Instinct

Hello, This is Instinct. A Fortnite Clan where you could try out to become a member of Team Instinct. (Also our leaders Jonah and Aaron will lead our team to victory!! Development- where some of our best trainers will teach you the ways of Fortnite. Level 1- This is the first level where you will be tested and trying to prove yourself. Level 2- This is the level where you must face harder obstacles, and try to succeed. Level 3- This is more advanced and you might be in some tournaments. Level 4- This is the last level between you and tournaments. Level 5- This is the level where you begin to be chosen to enter tournaments. Level 6 - This level will test your skills you have learned so far. Level 7- In this level you become a higher rank, which is suggester/trainer. level 8- You get more authority of suggester/trainer. Level 9 -Pro, you have become a pro at Fortnite and you will be in a lot more tournaments and events. Level 10- You have been waiting your whole life for are now a master at Fortnite. Level 11- Assistant GM, you are now a assistant authority member. Level 12- GM you are now second in command as General Manager. Level 13- Owner, You are now the lead of Instinct. You call the shots and take Instinct to greatness!!! Also if you want to join send a discord friend request to me at E Dude #2726

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