i Clan

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About i Clan

Welcome to i Clan! Here, we allow all ages. We are a friendly community and we hope to make it to the top. We include all members, and we are spread across many games, be it Fortnite, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, or any game. Here, there is an i in team.
10:49 AM
Now for the rules: 1. Harassment of other members, such as swearing, or any other form of unkindness will not be tolerated. 2. Have Fun! We want to see all of our members taking part in activities and games. Remember, we need you and you are responsible for the status of this clan, alongside your fellow teammates and myself. 3. We do not tolerate explicit behaviour, which will include inappropriate usernames, profile pictures or language. You MUST adhere to rules 1 and 3, rule 2 is entirely up to you. Breaking the rules will give you a warning and breaking them again will result in a 2-day ban from this server and a demotion as a part of this clan
10:51 AM
You do not need to put i in your name, but you may if you wish. All that you need to know is that we are a growing community seeking a good status in esports