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About Forge

This is the Forge clan! In Forge we do tournaments, hang out with people, have fun, and more! We're also laid back so you don't need to be Tfue if you want to join the clan but we don't want any mobile trash cans.

How to join:

1. If you want to join the clan, you have to have discord

2. You have to be either on Pc, Ps4, Xbox, or switch (We would prefer if you're on Pc but if not, it's ok)

3. You have to have more than 10 wins on the main Pc or Console you play on.

4. Don't be toxic (We don't like toxic people)

5. I or someone that is high enough rank to try people out will try you out in playground,


A. we will do a 1v1 and you have to beat us to get in, you have to beat us 2 out of 3 but if you get us down lower than 100 health and you didn't make it, it is the person that is trying you out's choice if you get in (determined by how good you are, if your not toxic etc.) if you don't beat us your not in.

B. If you beat us then you have to do 5 90's in 10 seconds (it's really easy) . If your not good at 90's it's ok, but you should be fine at them.

Before we try you out we have to get your epic name and what-not so message me on Discord (not epic because I get too many friend requests and its just easier this way) my name and tag is:


Ranking system:

The ranks will be in our discord sever as well as here but I'll list them:

Leader (Aka No_UUU)






To Be entered into the clan

Friend of mrED123 (Me)

Not in dae clan


Best of luck to whoever is reading this and I hope you get in!

-mrED123 (Leader)