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About Cool Kidz Clan

1.Always do your both attacks in clan war, otherwise you will be kicked out. Even if we are behind in stars like 10 vs 100, do your attacks even with one troop! If you are not sure which target, ask from higher rank players in the chat, they will help you.

2.Respect your leader and acknowledge his power.

3.Your donations should not be Zero especially if you are a higher rank member.

4.Do not donate wrong troops. Always donate exactly the unit that your clan mate requested for. If you don't have it, ask him to see if he wants other available units or not.

5.Be polite to your clan mates regardless of your rank and level of experience.

6.If you are looking for a clan that is always on winning streak, that is not us!! Go and join another clan we will take no offense. You are free to come back any time if we are not full.

7.If you are looking for promotions as soon as you enter the clan, then I should say you are in a wrong clan. There are lots of other clans that give you promotions much easier. You can join them.

8.If you get bored of the clan feel free to go and experience other clans. No offense will be taken. If you have been a nice person you are always welcome to come back.
9. Read our number one rule again. It is the most important rule in our clan.

10.Promotions are based on the number of wars that you have been with the clan, continuous high donations, teamwork and communication, number of stars you get for the clan and more importantly trust and loyalty. You should not ask for promotion, you should earn it so constantly do not ask "please promote me"!! It will affect you negatively.

11. Because of time limitations in the messages that we can send to your inbox, sometimes you are required to check the current war section especially when the match is tied or when we are behind.

12.If you are busy with school or work etc, please leave the clan before we start the war and after you are no longer busy, come back to the clan.

13.Cheating of any type is not allowed. (Spying on enemy clan is not cheating by the way)

14.One star loot attacks are forbidden in case we are behind or tied.

15.If you are a low rank player (or new to the game), the ratio of your received troops to the donated ones should not exceed 2. For instance if you receive 200 troops you should at least have donated 100 troops. Zero donations are not acceptable. you will get warning and if you don't pay attention to the warnings and continue your zero donations, you will be kicked.

16.Higher rank players should always donate with no hesitation unless they are in shortage of troops and elixir or any other acceptable reason.

17.If you are elder or co leader, do not kick anyone without warning. When you kick someone please leave a comment in the chat why you kicked the person. Also in the kick out message box, explain why they were kicked.

18.By infringing any of these rules you will get warnings and if you continue doing that you will be demoted or even get kicked out.

19.During preparation day, do not donate any troops (or wrong low level troops) in the war map especially if you are a low rank player. Wait for the mail in your mail box we will tell what do donate. For example if I tell you to donate level 3+ wizards, and you have level 2 wizard, you should not donate. If you donate wrong troops you will be kicked. No mercy.

20.Co-leaders should not edit the clan description and Required trophies . It should be done only by the leader unless the leader asks you to do some changes.

21.Members or elders or co leasers who have been in the clan for long should not be kicked unless there are valid reasons. In those situations you are required to report them to leader or higher rank players and they will decide about it. We respect loyal people in our clan.

22. Spamming in the clan chat is forbidden. You can do it in the global chat!!

23.In this clan we donate with no hesitation. So donate and request for troops with no hesitation.

24.Once our co leaders or elders go out of the clan (for example for spying on the enemy clan), and return, other elders and co leaders should give his elder or co back to him right away.

25.After each war no co-leader should starts the war right away. The leader should kick out inactive players and those who did not used their attacks in war. Then he will start the war. (or he will asks one of the co leaders to do so). Lots of demotions or promotions will occur after (or during ) each war too.

26.Do not donate any troops into the war map if you can not donate dragon,Valkyrie and Wizards level 5.

27.Insulting and cursing in this clan is forbidden.


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