Controlled Clan

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About Controlled Clan

Hello my name is redhole and this is my controller only fortnite clan.

If you want to try out for the clan you just need to add me CT_redhole or the CO. leader  CrownKids to begin your tryouts on Fortnite.

You can only join the clan if you are on controller (PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch) no mobile or pc. 

We can accept you in if you play controller on mobile or controller on pc.

                                                                                      -What we Offer-                                                       

- A nice non toxic community.

- Experienced managers .

- Editors for montages , videos, etc.

- More views and likes on YouTube.

- 24/7 management.

                                                                                     -What we are looking for-                                       

- Editors  to edit montages and videos .

- Decent fortnite players with at least a 15 kill win.

-  Trick shoters  that hit a ton of clips.

-  Nice non toxic fortnite clan members.

- A positive attitude for every game.

- Streamers .

- Content creators.

-Competitive Players.

- Creative warriors.

- GFX & VFX creators.

                                                                                 -Extra Statements-                                                        

 Before you go if you would like to join please vote for the clan using this website to help it grow.

also please subscribe to us on YouTube we are trying to get to 100 subscribers.

 if you really want to support this team then I would recomend buying its merch. Link -

Thank you for your time and we hope you come with us and laser some people.




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