Biru Gaming

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About Biru Gaming

Welcome to Biru E-Sports #BiruBlue

Biru is a fairly new organization, made by Biru Mytra. Our main goal is to make a team that can benifit the players, and the team itself! The socials are brand new, so no followers yet but we are hooked on changing that. We plan to expand from fortnite into other games such as Valorant, CS:GO, and more!

To join Biru, you must submit a RC in out Discord, the channels are labeled: #player-rc or #studio-rc respectively. Biru has some skilled studio members, and is looking for skilled managers to manage big projects like this. We ask for managers to treat us with the upmost respect, and have at least some experience with the job.

Some things about Us:

Founded on 4/14/21

The owner has run 2 past clans that were decently successful, and plans to make Biru the same!

Colors: Blue & White

Sponsors: Laxedy Gaming

We hope to be able to welcome you into our family, and #BiruBlue!




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