Team VaiNT

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About Team VaiNT

Summary: We’re a gaming community full of  good and nice people, we’re looking to grow our competitive and pro team, please read the rest if you would like to join.

( any region can join) We stand for honor and respect and we don’t tolerate toxicity. Everyone is accepted here, we want you even if you suck or if you’re good at the game. We think that a clan is the same as family. We will help you like a family does. So if you are looking for a good clan, join this clan. We want to become one of the best clans while having fun becoming the best.

✅We offer a positive community.      

✅Many teams such as creative warrior, trickshooter, pro, competitive, casual, and many more.
✅A place to promote your Youtube channel or Twitch channel 

✅Zone wars, clan wars, custom games at least once a week
✅Gfx artists (logo and banners) and Vfx

✅ We have people to train you if you want to become better

If you have a suggestion please tell us. If you have a question about this clan ask the owner ( For more questions join the discord server)

We are looking for content creators, creative warriors, vfx artists, and gfx artists , competitive players , casual players, trick shooters and more

(must be 13 or older)

we also have rainbow six siege, valorant, and apex