Team Razor Official Fortnite Clan

Team Razor Official

I would like to formally welcome you to Team Razor Official.


We are an up and coming clan, who strive to be the best it possibly can be. We want dedicated and non toxic players to join us, and help us grow to our full potential. We expect to be competing among the best, and bring the larger gaming community into the non toxic world of Team Razor Official. 

We have 2 games on offer with 3 teams you can try to join... firstly we have Fortnite, which is our main game, with a Competitive Team and a Casual Team. The other game is COD, with a COD Pro Team

Requirements for our Team:
We want Non-Toxic Gamers
Players who strive to better themselves.
Players who want to see their clan go high
Players who are 12 or above - With Maturity.

- There is absolutely no NSFW in my server.

If you feel like you want to join our team, Fortnite Casual or Comp or the COD Pro Team, then please join the server and @ me, BPRATCH7 and I will
discuss with you what your place is in Team Razor Official.
We have a lot of really good players in our Fortnite team, and we've just started the new COD team. 

Please give us an up-vote as well, we would like to go back to back on top of the Fortnite Clan leaderboard

Thank You
BPRATCH7 - Head Admin (Manager) of Team Razor Official