Team PulSe

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About Team PulSe

 Welcome to PuLsE, we are a clan who accepts all players and like to have fun no matter how good you are there is a place for players in PuLsE.

Even though we accept all players, we are looking fo the following:

-Non-toxic players

-Active people

-non criticizing players

Competition/clan war teams?

Our Competitive team takes part in Esports tournaments whilst our clan wars team ,Anbu black ops, take part in clan wars. After you tryout, if your looking to join any of these teams please dm me for more info.


We are currently looking for GFX artists and editors for attractive clan logos and good montages. If you are looking forward to having this job but not join the clan dm me other wise get a tryout then @ me in any channel.


Our current sponsors are

-Rouge energy

-Fatal grips

Staff recruitment

Currently we are low on staff and I can't run one giant server. Thats why we need you as a staff members.

Our staff roles are:

Mod-Keep the server protected.

Advertisers-Advertise our server on the right media platforms

Chat Mod- Make sure offensive words are used in the right channels

Teacher- Help train improvers and people in need of training.

If you become staff now, our servers could become more cleanser and safe for people who are sensitive or in need of stuff.


The way tryouts go, is, you give a tryouter your epic region and country/state. It is then the tryouters job to add you on fortnite make sure there on the same region and check the time in your country/state. When they add you they shall join/invite you to a 1v1 Map.


Based on your defensive, building and maneuver IQ, you will be given a role. Here are the roles ordered worst to best:






Extra info

In PuLsE we do have fun every now and then we will do a big free for all. Sometimes we also host tournaments so we can practice for the real ones. There are loads of fun channels in our discord were we do have games and many more.

If you want these experiences join PuLsE today!


We are a multi game community. our top games are fortnite and Apex but we include games like:
-Gta V


-Many more

When joining please ask a tryouter if you can tryout in the game you want to play.

We have also moved discord servers and we are starting again. from 0 members.