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About Team PhyZics Official

CLICK/TAP ON ME! JOIN THIS BRAND NEW TEAM BEFORE IT STOPS RECRUITING________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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   ↢₸∈⨇ϻ  ℗ᾞ¥ʓⅠϾ$↣
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Team PhyZics

#FearPhyZics #PhyZicsUprise 

  • What We Offer:
  • 🟦Community Discord for EVERYONE to join!
  • 🟦Wagers, tournaments, and challenges (Money tournaments & etc)
  • 🟦Active Server
  • 🟦Recruitment Challenges
  • 🟦Tryouts
  • 🟦Free GFX and VFX (Assets)
  • 🟦Giveaways 
  • What we MOSTLY NEED: 
  • 🟩Server Boosters
  • 🟩Grinders
  • 🟩Fun and active people for our server
  • 🟩Members
  • Content Creators and Streamers: 
  • 🟥Competitive Gods (All Games)
  • 🟥Creative Warriors (Fortnite)
  • 🟥Trickshotters (All games)
  • 🟥GFX and VFX 
  • 🟥Clipbots (Fortnite)

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