Team NCL Fortnite Clan

Team NCL

Me and my Brother have created this clan and we want people to join so we can start from small to be blowing up with our players and we will do our best to pay our players and create merch. We will be looking forward for you guys to joing our Customs and tryouts. The tryouts and customs will be each week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week, and one lucky player to attend three days of the week with the most points in the tryouts and customs can join our clan and will be payed $50 dollars each week if they win the whole tournament in a week. i will send it to them through PayPal. My Twitch is 'ncl_zecr0'. you guys can whisper to me on twitch if you want to join the tryouts and watch me each week to host the players. Thank you for reading this and I hope we can grow from a small clan to a big clan that goes global. Thank you, and have a good day.

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