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TIMA Fortnite Clan


You must be at least 12 years old or above to join this clan.

We have two types of tryout. One for the casual players and one for the competitive. For casual players you just have to dm JackJack_C#9930 on discord and for the competitive you have to do a build off. 

You must not be toxic to others when playing. We treat each other like how we want to be treated. So please be nice 😁

We accept any platform but you must be at that level or attitude in order to join this clan

You will be challenged to a build battle and a no scope battle by the leader (JackJack_C) or one of the clan members.

My timezone is Malaysia. So please be careful when you ask me for tryout. It could be morning for you but night for me. 😴

Don’t worry about your name. You don’t have to change it even if you are in the clan. So no pressure !😇 but if you want to, it would be TIMA_(name).

If you are still confused please message me or the clan group chat on discord and ask us with what you are confused with.

If you are wondering what we will do in clan competition. We will be fighting each other in a FFA map and a no-scope battle map. Prize will be a very special role in discord.