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Official Dark Clan Fortnite Clan

Official Dark Clan

About: We Are A Small Gaming Team Always Looking For More Members. We Host Giveaways And Talent Shows That Any Members Of The Clan Can Participate In. We Are Very Active In Our Discord Server.   Our Sponsor: We Are Proud To Have Rogue Energy As Our Sponsor Here Is A Bit About Them: Rogue Energy is the World's most delicious Gaming Drink. Enjoy our 8 amazing flavors packed with energy and focus and zero sugar. We are one of the highest rated gaming energy drinks. Discover the best gamer energy drink on the market. Why Join? Well Now That You Have Heard About This Clan Why Would You Want To Join? Well Since Were Sponsored We Pay Our Members! (GRINDERS DO NOT RECEIVE ANY AMOUNTS) So If Your Looking Forward To Getting Paid This Is The Clan For You! Looking Forward To Seeing You At Dark Clan! ALSO WE BARELY HAVE ANY MEMBERS SO YOU WILL PROBOBALY HAVE A GOOD CHANCE OF GETTING IN

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